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El Cotillo







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  El Cotillo   The Nord - west coast of  Fuerteventura  island                                                                                                         


    Scalera beach foto in El Cotillo       Larges & littles  beaches in El Cotillo       foto beach in El Cotillo Fuerteventura


  North West Fuerteventura island........in  one typical canary village there is El Cotillo.


The old fishing village of El Cotillo, situated on the north west coast of the Fuerteventura  island , consists of a quaint old harbour, a few shops, bars and seafood restaurants. There is very little established tourist development here and most of the roads are dusty tracks..The main attraction of El Cotillo are its superb beaches. A short stroll south of the village will bring you to superb sandy, virtually deserted beaches backed by cliffs. Care needs to be taken here when swimming, as the currents can be very strong.In contrast, to the north of El Cotillo, is a unique coastline where offshore reefs of lava have created a barrier against the ocean waves and protect quiet lagoons with sandy beaches. The still waters of the lagoons are warm and tranquil and attract hundreds of little fish. These are an added attraction and this area is ideal for snorkelling.El Cotillo, near Corralejo ,is one tourist place very much knowed in Canary Islands ;the paradise of surfers  and wind-surfers  for the particulars conditions that only here can be found ( the wind constant  blow  during all the year) and for  the beautifulls seasides

             The white sand  in El  Cotillo  beaches            Fuerteventura ocean beach jpg  

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                                                          Fuerteventura island  the north east   fotos takes by  flight

Puerto del Rosario

Corralejo Grandes playas

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   Lajares  Cotillo  and Maianicho              Fuerteventura Grandes playas                     Bocaina and Lobos   

El Cotillo from 10.000 mtrs.      



Lajares land image

 The Lajares landscape  " volcanos and beaches "

Lajares is a little inland rural village, located in the north of Fuerteventura, just 10 minutes' drive inland from the beach and lagoons of El Cotillo. Lajares used to be the lace-making centre of the island and you can still see the women practicing their art in the souvenir shop. The village has a tiny church and close by you can see the 18th Century windmills used for grinding toasted cereals into flour. Lajares has an example of both a molino and a molina, which are actually just a few yards apart. These are both to be found near to the ermita de San Antonio (St Anthony's Chapel). Along with El Roque, Lajares is perfect if you're seeking a sleepy rural village holiday yet be close to some of the best unspoilt beaches in Europe, with the convenience of a lively holiday resort (Corralejo) close by. Most visitors to Lajares go in search of the fabulous beaches at El Cotillo. However if you enjoy walking then you may like to explore the route from Lajares to the bustling town of Corralejo, where it is possible to follow a route along the chain of volcanoes that run between the two. . A short stroll south of the village will bring you to superb sandy, virtually deserted beaches backed by cliffs. The still waters of the lagoons are warm and tranquil and attract hundreds of little fish. These are an added attraction and this area is ideal for snorkelling. Beach 3km. 2km Nearest restaurant(s). 3km Nearest shop(s) El Cotillo. 38 km Airport Fuerteventura.In Lajares there is one volcano that must be visited because it has the caldera that, despite the  departed years it 's intact. For visit the  caldera must to go on the top; (the "Calderon hondo volcano"   is adjoining to others volcanos that are around Corralejo One little  entryway depart 200 meters far from  Lajares road that go to Maianicho and in only  25 walks  minutes you will be on the top .







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    Under page ,if you have some minutes of pacience,you can view  the video clip of Cotillo and Fuerteventura

    beaches and the vulkans clips in Fuerteventura  (in windows media-player):

    Grandes Playas in La oliva clip video                                                                   Corralejo dunes Park avi video

    Under Here cotillo's videos clips :

    Cottillo Fuerteventura Beach clip 1  

    Cottillo Fuerteventura strand clip 2

    Cottillo Fuerteventura beaches clip 3


    Under Here volcano's videos clips :

    Cotillo vulkan Calderon hondo 1 clip

    Fuerteventura vulkans calderon hondo 2 clip

    Calderon Fuerteventura clips vulkan hondo

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